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Cheyenne Police, Militarized

You’ve got to be kidding me. Sadly, no, as the Wyoming Tribune Eagle reports:

Short for Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected vehicle, MRAP weighs nearly 14 tons and is built to survive a blast from an improvised explosive device.

The Cheyenne Police Department got its own MRAP last month, and the Laramie County Sheriff’s Department is on a waiting list for another.

Of course the sheriff’s department wants one, too.

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Government Truth Commissions Make Politics Dirtier

In 2010, the website PolitiFact called Republican claims that Obamacare is a “government takeover” of healthcare the “Lie of the Year.”  Last year, PolitiFact gave the title to President Obama’s claim that under Obamacare “If you like your health care plan, you can keep it.” Obviously, PolitiFact’s authority over what constitutes a “lie” is questionable given the contradiction between these two awards, and the website is subject to the same scrutiny we give everyone who speaks out about politics. But what if government gets to decide what constitutes “false” speech in politics and punish the “liars”?

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Corporate Welfare in Wyoming

  • The Zombie of Amendment Four Rises 

The drafters of Wyoming’s constitution wisely tried to prevent future politicians from giving taxpayers’ money away to individuals or private entities. Article 3, Section 36 of the Wyoming Constitution prohibits appropriations to “any person, corporation or community not under the absolute control of the state.” It seems clear enough, and for the most part prevents lawmakers from providing corporate welfare directly to individual business entities. However, it hasn’t prevented legislators from using creative methods to hand out money to their favorites indirectly.

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Publius Was Not a PAC

The latest issue of the Wyoming Law Review, the legal publication of the University of Wyoming College of Law, features our article “Publius Was Not a PAC: Reconciling Anonymous Political Speech, the First Amendment, and Campaign Finance Disclosure.”  The article is now available on the Law Review’s website.

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Fourth Amendment Follies Coming Soon to Wyoming

Now that marijuana is legal in Colorado under state law for not only medicinal but recreational use by people over 21, a new industry is taking off. As reported earlier this week by the Denver Post

“Commercial real estate tracker Xceligent Inc. estimates that marijuana cultivation and manufacturing facilities in [Denver] occupy about 4.5 million square feet — the equivalent of 78 football fields.”

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Wyoming Liberty Group and Republic Free Choice Submit Comments Opposing Proposed IRS Non-Profit Rules

CHEYENNE – Wyoming Liberty Group, joined by Republic Free Choice, submitted public comments to the Internal Revenue Service (“IRS”) today, discussing problems with the federal agency’s proposed rulemaking regarding non-profit advocacy groups. The proposed rules come less than a year after the agency admitted to invasive scrutiny of numerous Tea Party groups that applied for nonprofit status.

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Drones in Wyoming Skies and “Robocop” at the Door

Last Friday was the final day for first reading of bills in their house of origin in the 2014 Wyoming Budget Session. Due to the priority of budget amendments, even extended hours could not provide the time needed to consider first reading of every bill that survived introduction and came out of committee. This spelled death for dozens of bills. In some cases this was a welcome development: I incorrectly predicted that an attempt to restrict the use of a “wearable computer with head mounted display” (i.e., Google Glass) while driving would not survive introduction, but Senate File 35 made it all the way to General File before its demise thanks to the first reading cutoff.

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