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School Choice Growing

Wyoming families and friends recently celebrated two school choice events to highlight Wyoming's growing participation in school choice through charter schools, private school, online learning and homeschooling.  January's National School Choice Week and February's parent-led  Public School Options events brought them to Cheyenne from all corners of the state. Many spoke about the positive role school choice has had in their lives and the lives of their children.

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School Districts Strangle School Choice

“This is the biggest anti school choice vote by a local school board in state history.” Sandy Shanor, Chair of Laramie County School Board #1

In a historic 5-2 vote last week in Cheyenne, the state’s largest school district passed a solidly anti school choice resolution for use by the Wyoming School Boards Association (WSBA). Laramie County School District #1(LCSD#1) is one of only two districts that currently operate a charter school within their district. The resolution, written by school board member Nate Breen with input from the WSBA, outlined a series of onerous and unnecessary requirements to be placed upon independent charter schools.  Once again, Wyoming parents can point to a consistent pattern of anti school choice behavior by local school boards.

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Charter School Battle Heats Up in Wyoming

Wyoming is no stranger to the ugliness of the school choice battle. When it comes to the state monopoly over education, parents are almost always the losers. Currently, local school districts are the only body with the authority under the law to approve an independent public charter school. These elected school boards have been resistant to almost every attempt by parents and teachers to start charter schools in the cowboy state. . After all, why would they want to create competition for themselves?

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Education and the 2015 Wyoming Legislative Session – A Preview

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