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The Health Committee Paves the Way for Affordable Healthcare

In a moment of bipartisan wisdom, the Labor, Health, and Social Services Committee sponsored legislation allowing out-of-state nurses to practice in Wyoming. Like many states, Wyoming bars nurses not licensed by our nursing board to practice here. The status quo restricts the supply of nurses, preventing patients from accessing thousands of qualified nurses, not to mention raising healthcare costs. The committee’s members took a decisive step towards expanding healthcare access in the state of Wyoming.

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WINhealth Loses Under Obamacare: A Cautionary Tale

With just a few weeks until open enrollment, WINhealth has decided to leave Wyoming’s health insurance exchange. The insurer hoped that Obamacare’s federal bailout fund would pay for its losses. However, it only paid insurers a fraction of what it promised. Wyoming legislators rejected Medicaid expansion last year because they worried the federal government would renege on its promises and here is a prime example. Insurers have found out the hard way the federal government can’t be trusted. Let’s hope it is a lesson learned by legislators still pushing for Medicaid expansion.

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Healthcare is a Dangerous Thing to Waste

Contrary to the claim of Obamacare’s supporters, patients have too much access to healthcare. When insurers cover most of our bills, we’re encouraged to take every test and procedure our doctors recommend, regardless of their value. Obamacare has made this problem even worse by banning out-of-pocket fees for many services. The push to overuse medical care is not only wasteful, it’s dangerous to our health.

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Wyoming Becomes an Alternative Energy Producer

“I believe in a free lunch being free like I believe in a perpetual motion machine.”
Sen Charlie Scott (R-Natrona) February 18, 2015, during the Wyoming Senate debate on HB 53

Minerals prices are low, tax revenue is on the decline, and Governor Mead and many Wyoming legislators are scrambling to appear to be doing something about it. One something that came out of the 2015 Legislative Session was the Minerals to Value Added Products Program. Yes, just what we need, another government program, but this one proposes to make taxpayers a partner in alternative energy projects private company are fleeing from as fast as they can. But if people using their own money are unwilling to engage in such risky ventures, politicians are wrong to take Wyoming down this path.

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