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Fire and Ice at the State Building Commission

Who knew a State Building Commission (SBC) meeting could include a discussion that perhaps surpassed the limit of orderly conduct? During a presentation on space allocation, a fiery exchange between Senator Phil Nicholas and Secretary of State Ed Murray made it clear that a battle may be brewing over renovation priorities at the Wyoming Capitol. This clash also indicates it may not be so easy for a certain senator to shift the blame for the cost overruns to someone else. 

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Capitol Cost Overrun Remains Transparent

Sultan of the Taj Mahal Reigned In

The Taj Mahal was lavishly constructed as a mausoleum to bury the favorite wife of a Sultan.  

In a similarly excessive approach, some senators with a “spare no expense” mindset are working to return the Wyoming Capitol to its former historic glory. Undeterred by the fiscal crisis, one senate visionary advocated adding a $3 million center for tourists at the Capitol. With the Capitol budget on the brink of the $300 million line in the sand set by Governor Mead, this senate visionary sought to bury this $3 million cost overrun in another budget.

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Capitol Renovation Budget Transparency Maintained - For Now

Certain very powerful senators tried to bury the cost overruns of their favorite boondoggle, the Wyoming Capitol building. Fortunately for Wyoming taxpayers, they have been reigned in.

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How to Fund a Porkfest Without Really Trying

Everybody wants the one percent

Did you know the State of Wyoming has more than one fund with handy cash ready for the taking? While most people think of the Legislative Stabilization Reserve Account (LSRA) as the rainy day fund, the state has hundreds of spend-ready funds. One of those, the Strategic Investment and Project Account (SIPA), could act as the source of funds for some of the capital construction projects legislators still want to fund, even as state revenue plummets.

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JAC Votes to Hide Capitol Renovation Cost Overruns

The Veil of Secrecy is Drawn

When visions of Taj Mahals at the Wyoming Capitol are coupled with state revenues tumbling into the abyss, count on some Wyoming legislators to figure out how to keep on spending. One creative solution is to hide escalating costs in other agency budgets. But burying spending takes the Capitol renovation project in the wrong direction. Instead of creating a legacy debt and higher taxes, the Capitol project must remain transparent and be brought back to a basic renovation, one that Wyoming taxpayers can afford.

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The Herschler Question – To Be or Not to Be

The Capitol Renovation Oversight Group met once again discussed alternative designs for the Herschler building renovation and their budget implications. Although briefly mentioned, the option to leave the Herschler renovation for another day went disregarded.

The Herschler renovation may still go the way of the Dodo should project costs continue to rise.

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Maureen Bader and Chuck Gray talk about the debacle at the Capitol

Maureen Bader and Chuck Gray talk about the debacle at the Capitol – a renovation running out of control – and now a complete stop on design work, on KVOC Talk Radio. October 14, 2015

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