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Medicaid Expansion’s False Promise

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Governor Mead’s $200 million budget cut must be more than bogus this time

Listen as Maureen Bader and Chuck Gray from KVOC talk about the revenue shortfall and the governor’s non solutions to the problems facing Wyoming. October 8, 2015

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Cheyenne Wants a Home for a White Elephant to Roam

Wyoming faces a multi-million dollar deficit in the 2017-18 biennium and the specter of plummeting revenue looms large on the horizon. Why then, is the State Loan and Investment Board (SLIB) about to rubber stamp funding to help lift a new $18 million terminal off the ground at an airport that just last year lost 50 percent of its customer seating capacity and has no hope of takeoff anytime soon? Government does a bad job of picking winners and with all the problems with the airline industry, constructing a new airport terminal in Cheyenne will undoubtedly leave us with a white elephant we can ill afford.

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Rainy Day Fund Too Small to Bail Out Bad Spending Decisions

A spoonful of rain won’t help the deficit go down.

The Pew Charitable Trust presented Wyoming’s Revenue Committee its report on the volatility of Wyoming’s tax revenue and its implications for the size of the Rainy Day Fund.

You might wonder why the Pew Charitable Trust is providing this report to Wyoming legislators. Well, in addition to doing it for free, Pew already published a report on tax revenue volatility in the 50 states, so seems a likely choice for a more in depth review of Wyoming. Pew is a nonprofit organization funded from seven individual charitable funds established by Sun Oil Company heirs. Pews goals include improving public policy by conducting rigorous analysis, and informing the public with data that illuminate world shaping issues and trends.

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Charlie Katebi spoke with Chuck Gray on KVOC about Governor Matt Mead’s latest bogus attempt to use Wyoming’s budget crisis to advance Medicaid Expansion

Charlie Katebi spoke with Chuck Gray on KVOC about Governor Matt Mead’s latest bogus attempt to use Wyoming’s budget crisis to advance Medicaid Expansion. September 1, 2015

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Maureen Bader discusses Governor Mead’s latest call for a rainy day fund raid, why it is an example of irresponsible short-termism, and one place to start cutting waste from the Wyoming budget

Without fundamental spending reform, Wyoming’s government will leave our children and grandchildren with a legacy of debt and higher taxes. Aug. 20, 2015

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WyLiberty Releases Survey Results Detailing Voter Disapproval of Corporate Welfare

• Majority agree:

• Wyoming would be more prosperous if people made own spending decisions;
• Families unlikely to benefit from corporate welfare schemes;
• Private sector better at determining potential of new technology than government;
• Are unwilling to pay higher electricity costs to attract data centers.

•  People of Wyoming say put excess tax revenue into their hands instead of government.

CHEYENNE: Wyoming Liberty Group released the results of a survey today that asked 500 likely voters in Wyoming their opinion on the state government’s use of tax dollars to benefit private companies.

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