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A British Example

Mr. Obama is to make a state visit to Britain in May. He and Mrs Obama will be guests of the Queen at Buckingham Palace, etc., etc.

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Federal Debt: Constitutional Amendment Is No Remedy

A group called RestoringFreedom.Org has proposed an Amendment to the U.S. Constitution aimed at curbing or eliminating growth in the federal fiscal debt. The group’s intentions are good, but there are important reasons why a Constitutional Amendment is the wrong way to go. Existing debt-capping laws have been ineffective since 1917 and nothing is done to change debt-causing economic mechanisms.

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Wyoming's Comfortable Dependency on Natural Resources May Backfire

The Consensus Revenue Estimating Group, CREG, of the Wyoming State Legislature has upgraded its forecast of state revenues. Compared to January 2010 the October CREG report suggests that revenues during the Fiscal Year (FY) 2011-12 Biennium will be 4.9 percent higher than predicted in January.

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EVENT: Dan Mitchell – Post-election Tax Implications for Wyoming Businesses

November’s elections results will undoubtedly affect federal tax policy with a direct impact on Wyoming businesses.

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