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Wyoming's Ballooning Budget Crisis

Amy Edmonds breaks down the latest fiscal report by the Consensus Revenue Estimating Group, or CREG, what it means for the future of Wyoming, and what Governor Matt Mead and Wyoming's legislators should do about it.

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Don't hurt the kids but cut the spending

Bob Nelson and Glenn Woods discuss how necessary cuts to Wyoming's education spending need not hurt kids, but will require courage and hard choices.

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Revenue Committee Supports Internet Sales Tax Grab

In Wyoming, some politicians are looking high and low for ways to take your money, especially if they can make it look like someone else is slipping his hand into your pocket. One way that popped up during a recent Revenue Committee meeting is a tax on Internet retail sales. Proponents justify this tax grab in two ways. First, the need for more tax revenue to fund the state budget shortfall and second, the notion that hard-pressed Main Street businesses can’t escape collecting the tax so taxing Internet sales would level the playing field. However, government has a spending problem, not a revenue problem.  An Internet sales tax won’t do much for the revenue shortfall and if government really cared about Main Street retailers, they would reduce their tax burden instead of extending the dead hand of government to the Internet.

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Maureen Bader
Hi and thank you for your comment. Some Internet sellers charge the tax and others don't. The issue is for the very small Mom & Po... Read More
Tuesday, 17 May 2016 11:17
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Education Reform Could Mean Big Budget Savings

Amy Edmonds joined John Birbari on KVOW in Riverton to discuss the current state budget crisis and how education spending could play in key role in budget reductions. Education spending has been on the rise for several decades yet student outcomes have not improved significantly.

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Solutions to the Construction Funding Dilemma

Maureen Bader and John Birbari from KVOW Riverton Radio talk about the revenue shortfall and what the Revenue Committee may do about it. If those who think a government bloated by a decade of mineral tax revenue windfall get their way, grab your wallet and run for the hills!


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Instead of "Who" Let's Ask "What"

Maureen Bader talks to John Birbari on KVOW Riverton Radio about Wyoming's spending blowout to buy your votes. Now that minerals industry revenue is on the decline, politiicans are scrambling around to find a way to maintain the illusion of free stuff. But instead of asking "who" will pay for it all, we need to start looking at "what" we are paying for. Politicians can always come up with an answer for "who" but the results are unlikely to pan out. Find out why in this interview. 

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Capital Construction Boondoggles and the Wyoming Budget

Maureen Bader joins John Birbari on KVOW Riverton Radio to discuss Wyoming's Capital Construction budget, how some politicians seem to think providing employment opportunities for the construction industry is a role of government, and what some people are trying to do to rein in the out-of-control spending on construction. 


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