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Budget Cuts – A Fish Story

  • The Game and Fish Department

“When I use a word, it means just what I choose it to mean—neither more, nor less.”
Lewis Carroll, Through the Looking-Glass

While the budgets of some Wyoming government agencies are complicated, the budgets of others are positively mazelike. So when different people talk about budgets, they are often talking about different things. This makes the talk about budget cuts like a trip through the looking glass into a world where words mean whatever people want them to mean.

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Government Budget Cut Charade — Again!

  • The Department of Fire Prevention and Electrical Safety

In Wyoming, most government agencies have been asked to cut their budgets by eight percent. This is a deceiving, because they aren’t cutting their budget by eight percent, if by budget they mean the 2013-2014 biennium budget. They are cutting only a portion of that. This means the eight percent budget cut is much smaller than one might imagine.

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Government Budget Cut Charade Continues

  • The Insurance Department

 Farce def: a foolish show; mockery; a ridiculous sham

When government talks about budget cuts, it pays to listen carefully to understand exactly what it is saying. Usually, when government cuts its budget, it cuts some increase in the budget, rather than the budget itself. The result is higher government spending every year. People have clued in to this farce, so it would appear government is resorting to a new definition of cuts so the spending party can continue. 

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Budget Cut Confusion Camouflages Charade

Big government types who look to government to solve every problem under the sun always get their nickers in a knot whenever politicians talk about budget cuts. In the case of Wyoming’s dreaded eight percent across-the-board budget cut, they needn’t have bothered.

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Freedom or Fiscal Shackles?

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