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Wyoming Budget Update - The AML Switcheroo

The capital construction part of the Wyoming Budget got its own budget this time. The problem? The state doesn't have enough money to fund the building boondoggle list. What to do? Use the pennies from heaven - those dropped into state coffers from the Abandoned Mine Land Fund. This creates an even bigger problem though. The state lost the AML funds last time for the same type of building boondoggles it plans to use the current AML funds for.

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State Building Boondoggle Funded with AML Slight of Hand

With Wyoming’s traditional funds falling faster than a brakeless coal car on an oily rail, the Joint Appropriations Committee has been scrambling to find money to continue spending on building construction. Then, like pennies from heaven, the state’s federal delegation managed to get the federal government to return the Abandoned Mine Land (AML) funds it slipped into its pocket to fuel its own runaway spending.

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