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Maureen Bader and Chuck Gray from KVOC talk about black clouds on Wyoming’s budget horizon and what Governor Mead should do about it

If the governor decides to go with panic tax hikes, he might want to look at what happened to Alberta’s conservative-in-name-only government to see the result of that losing strategy.  May 28, 2015

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The Alberta Disadvantage

In Governor Mead’s 2015 supplemental budget, the governor called on the legislature to set up a reserve account for an industrial park, and the legislature complied with a $5 million appropriation. The idea comes from the Industrial Heartland in Alberta, Canada, an industrial park funded by the provincial and various local governments to attract oil and gas companies to the province. Although the governor has waxed eloquent on the Alberta government’s use of tax dollars to attract value-added oil and gas activity to the province to create jobs, the Industrial Heartland is but one example of a project financed by a government that lost its way, and has now paid the price at the polls.

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