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Holding Candidates Accountable After the Election

Maureen Bader and Gary Freeman talk about how the Taxpayer Protection Pledge and how it will help hold candidates accountable after the election, on KGAB, 680 am in Cheyenne. Maureen discusses tax reform and what this would mean should Wyoming legislators support an increase in the wind production tax. Gary and Maureen also touch on what the purpose of the rainy day fund should - and should not - be.

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A Pledge to Protect Taxpayers

Maureen Bader and Glenn Woods discuss the Taxpayers Protection Pledge and how this will help hold politicans accountable after the next election. Wyoming's government bloated up on the back of a minerals tax windfall. That windfall is over. How will the gap between spending and revenue be filled? Find out how you can have a say in that decision.

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Local Government Tax Increases Get Little Traction

The state of Wyoming is wrestling with the growing gap between state spending and state revenue. Fortunately during its last meeting, Wyoming’s Revenue Committee showed an understanding of the effects of a tax increase on the fragile Wyoming economy.  The committee discussed the issue of declining revenue for local governments and two options to fill the gap. Both tax grabs got little traction.  What state politicians and taxpayers must now demand is local government reform.


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Maureen Bader
Thank you Al for this information. The Wyoming Business Council does little if any followup on its handouts and it looks like it h... Read More
Friday, 17 June 2016 09:46
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Capitol Cost Overrun Remains Transparent

Sultan of the Taj Mahal Reigned In

The Taj Mahal was lavishly constructed as a mausoleum to bury the favorite wife of a Sultan.  

In a similarly excessive approach, some senators with a “spare no expense” mindset are working to return the Wyoming Capitol to its former historic glory. Undeterred by the fiscal crisis, one senate visionary advocated adding a $3 million center for tourists at the Capitol. With the Capitol budget on the brink of the $300 million line in the sand set by Governor Mead, this senate visionary sought to bury this $3 million cost overrun in another budget.

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Wyoming Budget Update - Legislative Scorecard Part 2

Will Wyoming legislators work to reduce the rainy day fund raid - or not? And what else about the amendment process creates concerns? Be sure to listen to find out.

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Wyoming Budget Update - No Cuts Here Folks

Wyoming's general appropriations budget primarily funds agency spending. To bring agency spending more into line with plummeting revenues, the Joint Appropriations Committee developed a so-called austerity plan. If only. Small cutlets to budget increases won't prevent panic tax hikes. The legislature must not leave a legacy of debt and higher taxes to future generations. 

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Wyoming Budget Update - How to Fund a Golf Course

When it comes to budget building, actions speak louder than words. Legislators talk about spending restraint, but when they continue to funnel depleting funds at golf courses, you've got to wonder just how serious they are.

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