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Release - Concern about taxation disclosed in WyLiberty poll

CHEYENNE, WY: The Wyoming Liberty Group released its Taxpayer Protection poll question results today, showing that 65 percent of respondents are more likely to vote for a candidate who has signed a pledge promising to not raise state taxes.

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The Taxpayer Protection Pledge and its commitment

Why do we need a Taxpayer Protection Pledge? To commit candidates before the election to a crucial choice. The choice to keep your money in your pocket.

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Fight tax hikes with the Taxpayer Protection Pledge

Maureen Bader and Gary Freeman discuss the need for a Taxpayer Protection Pledge. Can you family afford to pay an additional $27,000 per year to support a supersized government?

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Why do we need the Taxpayer Protection Pledge?

Maureen Bader and Glenn Woods talk about who signed the Taxpayer Protection Pledge in Campbell County and why the voters of Campbell County should be most worried about a tax hike.

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Right sizing a supersized government

As Winston Churchill said, we should never let a good crisis go to waste. Why? Because it creates an opportunity for fundamental change. The fiscal crisis in Wyoming is a good example.

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Education Spending and Outcomes

In this short video, Amy Edmonds outlines the disconnect between skyrocketing education spending and student outcomes. If you think spending more means better outcomes, you must watch this video. 

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Why Wyoming Needs a Taxpayer Protection Pledge

We often point to the third-party payer problem as the cause of the explosion in health care costs. Insurers pay doctors who provide services to patients. This separation of payer and patient means the patient has little incentive to question the cost or even the quality of service.

Now imagine what would happen if a big part of a state’s spending is funded that way.

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