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Susan Gore‘s enthusiasm for Wyoming’s founding principles led her to start Wyoming Liberty Group in 2008. Together with a few friends, she set out to provide well researched information and innovative policy solutions in issues key to quality of life. Her optimism regarding the potential of individuals and lively communities comes in part from her background in the pioneering high tech manufacturing culture of her family company, W.L. Gore & Associates.Wyoming Liberty Group’s first project was a study of the Wyoming Constitution, which states: “All power is inherent in the people, and all free governments are founded on their authority…” Her aim is to ensure that the power of the people and individuals in Wyoming takes precedence over improper government presumptions of authority.Since its founding Wyoming Liberty Group has been a champion of freedom in matters such as free speech and association, health care choice, property rights, Second Amendment rights, government transparency, and parental control of their children’s education.

Gross Receipts Tax: Your Wallet, Your Jobs, and State Revenue

The Interim Revenue Committee will meet May 11th and 12th in Saratoga. On their agenda is yet another proposal to shrink revenues, a Gross Receipts Tax [GRT]. It would also shrink the Wyoming economy and – to kill three birds with one stone – shrink your wallet! They may not notice the thing about shrinking your wallet by an estimated $800 to $1000 dollars a year [about $3,600 for a family of four in direct and indirect costs], but you’d think they would notice the part about shrinking revenues, being the Revenue Committee and all.

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Susan Gore
Wyoming is in trouble. Our state is spending about $400,000,000 a year more than it is taking in, and this is getting worse. Shoul... Read More
Monday, 15 May 2017 08:55
Susan Gore
Tim Kingston is simply not familiar with the facts. As data from the Office of Management and Budget shows, in the two years befor... Read More
Monday, 15 May 2017 14:44
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Positioning Our Wyoming Health Care System to Succeed

You are likely to hear two arguments — myths, really — favored by Medicaid expansion advocates.  The first is that Medicaid expansion will save our Wyoming hospitals; the second is that all enrollees will have their health needs met. 

As for our hospitals, is true that the discounted “100% reimbursement” promised by the federal government for an estimated 17,600 new able-bodied enrollees (but not for current enrollees), combined with an expected surge in usage, particularly of emergency facilities, would bring an infusion of cash. But such reimbursements, even adding the tempting new Medicaid enrollee federal version, are not sufficient to sustain our hospitals over time. 

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An Alternative to Medicaid Expansion

It was painful to sit in December’s Labor Committee meeting and listen to the Department of Health and others advocate for Medicaid expansion.  This is such a terrible idea in so many ways that it is hard to know where to begin explaining what is wrong with it.  

We get help from Gillette’s Doctor John Mansell, who is on the front lines treating patients now on Medicaid.  I attach the testimony he sent to the Committee so you can get this information first hand.   

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Truckers Stand Against Government Regulation

Wyoming Liberty Group stands for the principled application of commonsense to leverage good policy so as to limit government interference in our lives.  We stand behind our faith, our families, and our culture — these are things our political process has forgotten and ignored.  It is high time to take back Our lives, Our Dreams, and Our Way of Life. 

We are proud of those truckers who dare to make a point of the urgent necessity for restoring constitutional law in America.  We like the fact that the Constitution of the United States, must coordinate with the Wyoming Constitution under the principle of dual sovereignty, because state constitutions can provide specific protections.  

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A Deaf Ear to The People

This session the Wyoming Legislature passed, and Governor Matt Mead signed, SF104. This bill divests elected Superintendent of Public Instruction Cindy Hill of authority over the Department of Education and awards it to a new Director of Education, to be appointed by Governor Mead. The bill takes power away from an elected official, adds another layer of bureaucracy to an already overburdened system, yet gives no guarantee of better educational outcomes.

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On “The Power of The Powerless” – A Tribute to Vaclav Havel 1936 — 2011

Freedom fighter Vaclav Havel’s recent death reminds freedom lovers here and around the world that no matter how entrenched rulers seem to be, they are vulnerable to so-called “powerless” citizens who are in fact not powerless when they refuse to surrender their consciences. 

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Healthy Frontiers: A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

Outgoing Gov. Dave Freudenthal signed the plan of operation for the “Healthy Frontiers” pilot project, on Nov. 30. This state-funded health care program purports to transition enrollees into jobs that provide private insurance for them. About 36 percent of Wyoming’s families might participate, should our legislature enact a permanent version.

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