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Anthony Vibbard is a Policy Analyst at Wyoming Liberty Group and a Liberty@Work Fellow through the Charles Koch Institute. His primary focus is on criminal justice reform. Anthony grew up in Lebanon, Missouri. After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in Recreation, Sports, and Park Administration from the Missouri State University, he worked as an ocean guide in the 10,000 Islands National Wildlife Refuge along the coastline of Southwest Florida. Anthony attended law school at the University of Missouri School of Law where he served as President of the Federalist Society, studied Comparative Criminal Justice and Constitution in Cape Town, South Africa, interned with the Institute for Justice, and worked on multiple cases with the Midwest Innocence Project.

Robert Nelson joins Wyoming Liberty Group to study Wyoming school finance and other topics of interest. Nelson has worked in primarily in private industry (accounting, investments, insurance and big data), but also served five years in State government.

While not a Wyoming native, he went to high school in Cheyenne, earned bachelor’s and master’s degrees (Accounting and Finance, respectively) from the University of Wyoming and has lived in Cheyenne for many years.

Tom Rose lives in Dubois on the edge of the Wyoming Wilderness with his dogs and horses. As a retired juvenile delinquent, Tom brings a unique perspective to his work in juvenile justice. He has pursued and investigated juvenile justice issues for Wyoming Liberty Group and Republic Free Choice since 2012. As a juvenile delinquent emeritus (JDE), Tom is frequently able to get beyond mere academic policy discussions and focus on the real tangible impact the juvenile justice decisions have on the central stakeholders: the juveniles and their families. He is largely educated by the sister schools of real life and hard knocks and a lifetime of reading. As a youth, Tom was greatly influenced by a Wyoming Wilderness program for '€œchallenging'€ youngsters. He firmly believes that the disempowered and disenfranchised youth of our great state should reap the benefits of our unique Wyoming opportunities rather than being warehoused and criminalized for youthful indiscretions.

Economist with a Ph.D. from Roskilde University, Denmark. Author of "Industrial Poverty: Yesterday Sweden, Today Europe, Tomorrow America" (Gower Applied Research; 2014). Research focus on macroeconomics, the welfare state and economic freedom. Member of the Council of Scholars, Compact for America Educational Foundation.

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Benjamin Barr serves as counsel with the Wyoming Liberty Group and Pillar of Law Institute. Barr is an attorney with a national practice specializing in the area of constitutional law. He has litigated constitutional concerns in federal courts throughout the nation in favor of individual liberty. The U.S. Supreme Court relied on a brief drafted on behalf of the Wyoming Liberty Group to reshape its reasoning in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission.

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