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Charlie Katebi is a healthcare policy analyst at the Wyoming Liberty Group. Prior to joining the Wyoming Liberty Group, Charles interned at the American Action Forum, FreedomWorks, and the Reason Foundation, on issues ranging from regulatory policy to pension reform. He received his undergraduate degree in Economics from the University of British Columbia.

Freeing Patients from Medicaid

Charlie Katebi and John Birbari discuss the budget crisis' impending impact on Medicaid and how patient-centered reforms can give Medicaid patients greater control over their healthcare and deliver better value for taxpayers.

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Saving Patients from Medicaid

Liberals frequently claim that Medicaid expands healthcare options to the less fortunate.  But without major reforms, Medicaid will become a major barrier for patients seeking care.

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Beating a Path to Medicaid Reform

Wyoming originally opted into Medicaid to help low-income individuals access medical care.  But unless this entitlement undergoes systemic reforms, patients will find it harder than ever to get healthcare.

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Medicaid’s Critical Condition

Governor Matt Mead’s critics rightly chastised his plan to expand Medicaid without any foreseeable way of paying for new patients.  Now it turns out we can’t even afford totake care of patients already on Medicaid.

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Medicaid's Imminent Fiscal Crisis

Charlie Katebi and Glenn Woods of Boldrepublic.com discuss the Department of Health’s looming spending cuts and how they’ll effect patients on Medicaid.

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Medicaid's Fiscal Cliff

Charlie Katebi and Gary Freeman on KGAB discuss the Department of Health's plans to cut $200 million from state healthcare programs, including Medicaid.  They also dicuss how these cuts will make it harder for patients to see doctors and how Wyoming should reform Medicaid.


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Weaning Wyoming Off Welfare

Welfare was originally created as a safety-net of last resort for those unable to help themselves.  But all too often it traps otherwise productive individuals in government dependency, sapping their potential and life prospects.

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