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Boyd Wiggam serves as staff attorney with the Wyoming Liberty Group focusing on property rights, local government, and land use planning and zoning issues. He previously worked as a civil litigation attorney and for various businesses serving farmers and landowners in Laramie County. Wiggam, a Wyoming native, was raised on a farm in Eastern Laramie County , received an undergraduate degree from the University of Wyoming, did graduate coursework in Community and Regional Planning at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, and received his law degree from the College of William & Mary in Virginia. He is an active member of both the Wyoming State Bar and Virginia State Bar.

Livestock Owners, Take Heart!

A Florida farmer has won a takings battle against the state and animal rights activists.

I know firsthand that one of the significant challenges to breeding and raising hogs is preventing crushing mortality to ensure increased piglet survival. One method hog farmers have historically used to keep the mother sows from lying on and killing baby piglets is to use farrowing crates. Over time, however, animal rights activists have managed to remove this tool from the available options that hog farmers have available to keep baby piglets alive. (See, for example: Ensminger, M.E. and Parker R.O 1997. Swine Production 6th Edition. Interstate Publishers Danville, Illinois.)

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Does the ‘Rule of Law’ Apply in Cheyenne?

When we talk about the rule of law, what we are saying is that no one is above the law; even politicians and bureaucrats must follow it. We also are saying that the rules a governing body must and will follow in a specific situation are known by everyone in advance. If a private person follows the law, that person is protected, to an extent, from interference or unpredictable actions by government authorities.

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Regulating Taste as Regulating Expression

In November 2006, the Cheyenne Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) adopted PlanCheyenne, which was subsequently awarded the 2007 Daniel Burnham Award for a Comprehensive Plan by the American Planning Association. MPO liked PlanCheyenne’s integration of a transportation plan, a community plan, and a parks and recreation plan.  They also liked MPO’s intensive marketing of the planning process and outreach to citizens “of typically underrepresented sections of the community.” 

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