The Wyoming Liberty Group staff comes from a diverse set of backgrounds and life experiences, but we are united in our commitment to the principles of essential citizenship.

Gore Susan ThClick here for a high resolution photo of Susan.


Susan Gore‘s enthusiasm for Wyoming’s founding principles led her to start Wyoming Liberty Group in 2008. Together with a few friends, she set out to provide well researched information and innovative policy solutions in issues key to quality of life. Her optimism regarding the potential of individuals and lively communities comes in part from her background in the pioneering high tech manufacturing culture of her family company, W.L. Gore & Associates.Wyoming Liberty Group’s first project was a study of the Wyoming Constitution, which states: “All power is inherent in the people, and all free governments are founded on their authority…” Her aim is to ensure that the power of the people and individuals in Wyoming takes precedence over improper government presumptions of authority.Since its founding Wyoming Liberty Group has been a champion of freedom in matters such as free speech and association, health care choice, property rights, Second Amendment rights, government transparency, and parental control of their children’s education.

Curley Charles ThClick here for a high resolution photo of Charles.

Charles Curley lives in Thermopolis, trading on his 30 years experience as a software engineer. He has been involved in politics for many years, including the successful campaign to repeal FDR’s gold prohibition. He is widely read in history, economics and philosophy, and brings that to bear in a principled approach to politics.

Bader Maureen ThClick here for a high resolution photo of Maureen.


Maureen Bader comes to the Wyoming Liberty Group from the Canadian Taxpayers Federation. Maureen’s articles have been published in major Wyoming and Canadian daily newspapers, and she has appeared on TV and radio calling for lower taxes and government accountability. Maureen worked in Public Affairs with the British Columbia Ministry of Energy, Mines and Petroleum Resources. Before that, she was the Manager of Corporate Communications and Public Affairs at the Prince Rupert Port Authority. Maureen completed her undergraduate degree in psychology at the Universidad Internacional de Mexico in Mexico City and her MBA from Simon Fraser University in British Columbia. Maureen is an artist who has exhibited her paintings throughout British Columbia and throughout the United States.

Edmonds Amy ThClick here for a high resolution photo of Amy.


Amy Edmonds comes to the Wyoming Liberty Group with six years of experience serving in the Wyoming Legislature. During her time in the House of Representative she served on the Agriculture, State and Public Lands & Water Resources Committee, the Minerals, Business & Economic Development Committee, the Revenue Committee and the Appropriations Committee. She has also worked in the non-profit world as the Executive Director of the Wyoming Association of Public Charter Schools. As a native of Wyoming’s neighbor to the east – Nebraska – Amy likes to borrow a statement once made by Wyoming’s former Governor Stan Hathaway, “I wasn’t born in Wyoming, but I got here as fast as I could.”Amy holds a Bachelor’s degree in Social Science from the University of Wyoming.

Ludtke Mandy Th1Click here for a high resolution photo of Mandy.

Mandy Ludtke brings her experience in the fields of corporate sales and hospitality to the Wyoming Liberty Group where she is the Outreach and Events Coordinator. Mandy, a Wyoming native, is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science.

Wiggam Boyd thClick here for a high resolution photo of Boyd.

Boyd Wiggam serves as staff attorney with the Wyoming Liberty Group focusing on property rights, local government, and land use planning and zoning issues. He previously worked as a civil litigation attorney and for various businesses serving farmers and landowners in Laramie County. Wiggam, a Wyoming native, was raised on a farm in Eastern Laramie County , received an undergraduate degree from the University of Wyoming, did graduate coursework in Community and Regional Planning at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, and received his law degree from the College of William & Mary in Virginia. He is an active member of both the Wyoming State Bar and Virginia State Bar.

Katebi CharlesTh e1428532430991Click here for a high resolution photo of Charlie.

Charlie Katebi is a healthcare policy analyst at the Wyoming Liberty Group. Prior to joining the Wyoming Liberty Group, Charles interned at the American Action Forum, FreedomWorks, and the Reason Foundation, on issues ranging from regulatory policy to pension reform. He received his undergraduate degree in Economics from the University of British Columbia.





In March, 2015 the Wyoming Liberty Group launched the Pillar of Law Institute (POLI) in Washington, D.C., which will exclusively build upon WyLiberty’s free speech efforts nationwide. The following staff work primarily with POLI.

Barr B ThClick here for a high resolution photo of Ben.

Benjamin Barr serves as counsel with the Wyoming Liberty Group and Pillar of Law Institute. Barr is an attorney with a national practice specializing in the area of constitutional law. He has litigated constitutional concerns in federal courts throughout the nation in favor of individual liberty. The U.S. Supreme Court relied on a brief drafted on behalf of the Wyoming Liberty Group to reshape its reasoning in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission.
Klein Steve ThClick here for a high resolution photo of Steve. Steve Klein serves as attorney and research counsel with the Wyoming Liberty Group and Pillar of Law Institute, focusing on free speech and criminal law.  Steve has co-authored numerous amicus curiae (friend-of-the-court) briefs for state and federal courts in several important free speech cases, advocating in favor of political speech across the country. In 2014, Steve was co-counsel in three successful free speech cases in Wyoming.

In the 2015 Wyoming Legislative Session, Steve lobbied on behalf of reforming the state’s civil asset forfeiture law. 2015 Senate File 14 passed the entire legislature 80-9 before being vetoed by Governor Mead. Steve continues to lobby on behalf of reform in the 2015-16 legislative interim.

Steve holds a bachelors degree in politics from Hillsdale College and a law degree from Ave Maria School of Law, where he served as Managing Editor of the Ave Maria Law Review and President of the Ave Maria Federalist Society. He is licensed to practice law in Illinois and Michigan.

E-mail Steve at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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